Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:26

Boosting Host Country Faculty English Usage and Teaching Practice

Lecturers: Julian Friend & Tom Marshall. Program Area:  / Strand: Mission Driven Learning / Grade Level: 9-12.

Julian Friend Faculty ESL instructor, and Tom Marshall, Faculty Development Coordinator at the American College of Sofia.

In 2010 ACS identified teaching quality and capacity as improvement goals in connection with its mid-term accreditation process. This led to the creation of two in-house positions focusing on English usage among local staff and standards-based methodology for all teachers. The addition of an ESL Teacher for Faculty has allowed ACS to make measurable gains in faculty fluency and usage. The addition of a Faculty Development Coordinator has greatly expanded opportunities for one-to-one coaching, teacher feedback and targeted professional development. The workshop will feature a brief summary of the genesis and implementation of those two positions. In the workshop participants will conduct a personal needs-assessment and consider ways to enhance faculty development efforts at their own schools. 

Additional Info

  • Room: Piaffe