Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:22

What is 'Great Learning'?

Lecturer: Ian Piper. Program Area: All / Strand: Mission Driven Learning / Grade Level: K-12.

Ian Piper, Director at Danube International School Vienna.

The workshop will be looking at what is 'Great Learning', understanding the various components in terms of Gardner's work on 'Five Minds for the Future', Harvard's Project Zero and the ideas of 'Growth Mindset'.

The workshop will then consider the various constructs and controls that either enable or prevent a school from successfully delivering 'Great Learning'.

The ideal of Great Learning as well as the construct and controls have been adapted from the work of Damon, Gardner and Csikszentmihalyi on 'Good Work' and the subsequent 'Good Project'.


Additional Info

  • Room: Passage