Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:15

Blurring the Lines: The Treatment of Controversial Material in the Classroom

Lecturer: Morgan Jones. Program Area: All / Strand: Innovating Learning / Grade Level: 5-12.

Morgan Jones, Head of Performing Arts Department at the Kyiv International School.

In this session, we will use specific controversial topics such as Miley Cyrus, atrocities committed in war, and censorship in film and literature, to bring into focus the treatment of controversial material in our classrooms.  Often, we are hesitant to avoid issues such as these because it is difficult to know if our students are ready to discuss such things, if the parents would be supportive of such material, or if we are prepared to manage discussion without becoming overly involved.  Discussion of such topics is valuable to our students, especially in the areas of complex reasoning, integrated thinking, and decision-making, however, so it is vital that we consider our approach to such topics. 

Additional Info

  • Room: Traversalle