Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:09

Using Peer Instruction to Enhance Learning in your Classroom

Lecturer: Lowell Thomson. Program Area: Science / Strand: Innovative Learning / Grade Level: 5-12.

Lowell Thomson, DP chemistry teacher at the American International School of Bucharest.

At CEESA 2013, Alan November shared the work of Eric Mazur at Harvard to introduce “peer instruction” to his classes. Inspired by this, I’ve spent the past year working to incorporate these methods into my teaching. These methods have allowed my students to engage with each other and with the content as they work together to solve problems. Feedback from my students is uniformly positive. Peer instruction is far more than using clickers in the classroom.  I will share various methods of peer instruction, including high-tech methods such as the Learning Catalytics platform and Moodle, along with low-tech methods such as whiteboarding. Please visit for handouts and resources associated with the workshop. 

Additional Info

  • Room: Capriole