Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:08

The Future of Education - Personalised Learning

Lecturer: Terie Mueller. Program Area: Mathematics / Strand: Curriculum Design Learning / Grade Level: 9-12.

Terie Mueller, Mathematics teacher at Istanbul International Community School. 

What would happen if you asked 5 students to write their own curriculum and design their own assessments?

What happens when these same students are asked to assess each other and themselves, based on their assessment criteria?

The presentation and discussion centers around our exploratory mathematics course. This course has been created so that through collaboration the students are transforming the old standard of objectives and content into creating their own curriculum.

In this course, the students are looking at real world situations through the lens of mathematics. . The students have designed four rubrics, mixing components from other courses that they felt should be assessed within this course. Their work is documented and presented publicly at the end of each “unit”. The students assess each other’s work. The teacher is merely an academic coach.

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  • Room: Piaffe