Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:05

Collaboration between Classrooms; using Khan Academy Together

Lecturers: Jason MacMillen & Lauren Grahame. Program Area: Mathematics / Strand: Digital Learning / Grade Level: K-12.

Jason MacMillen & Lauren Grahame, Primary teachers at  Istanbul International Community School.

Are you looking to inject your math classroom with opportunities for student mastery, autonomy, purpose, and overall awesomeness? Jason MacMillan and Lauren Grahame, two Grade 4 teachers from Istanbul International School, did just that. Although coming from very different points on the tech spectrum, they collaborated to transform their math classrooms through the use of Khan Academy. Come and hear about their journey. They will share the peaks as well as the pits (even those that should have been obvious but weren’t!). By the end of this workshop, you will have a basic understanding of what Khan Academy can offer you and your students, a model of what that might look like in an upper primary classroom, and a roadmap of how to get there through collaboration. 

Additional Info

  • Room: Quadrille