Wednesday, 15 January 2014 11:50

Service Learning: What Do You Do When You Don't Know Where to Begin

Lectuer: Donna Moreau. Program Area: Service Learning / Strand: Service Learning / Grade Level: K-12.

Donna Moreau, Humanities Teacher and Service Learning Coordinator at tha Anglo-American School of Moscow.

The Anglo-American School of Moscow's Middle School is in the beginning years of implementing service learning. The school has learned a great deal, made some mistakes, had great successes, and wish to share their experiences with other schools thinking about or embarking on a new service learning program. The following outline describes how the workshop will unfold.

WHY SERVICE LEARNING - Anglo-American School of Moscow’s Middle School adventures in starting up service learning

  • brief history
  • preparation
  • decisions
  • execution/implementation

GOALS FOR THE FIRST YEAR - Keeping it realistic and attainable

  • to not freak out an already over extended faculty
  • to make it meaningful to the kids
  • to provide support
  • to introduce the program in Electives, Advisory, Lunch Clubs, and After School Activities

WHERE HAVE WE ENDED UP AFTER THE FIRST YEAR - the good ideas and the not so good ideas

  • teacher feedback
  • student feedback
  • ideas for service learning experiences



Additional Info

  • Room: Capriole