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The Potholes and Stepping Stones of Risk Management and Child Protection by Rick Nelson

Since the early days of education, philosophers have encouraged challenge and experience as part of learning. Schools and classroom teachers throughout the world have creatively taken this charge and provided transformational experiences that directly impact a child’s life. These learning experiences happen in the classroom, the playground, athletic fields, performance spaces, practice rooms and off-campus on dynamic field experiences.

However, in the fast paced process of making their mission come alive, schools may forget to assess the costs and risks that come with implementation. Due to a string of tragic school events in recent years, safety and protection of children have quickly moved to the forefront of school planning. With this renewed emphasis, can challenge and risk still mix with the safety and wellbeing of each child? This session will look at this paradox and the challenges associated with managing risk in school programs.

Through an exploration of case studies, peer review and self-assessment, we will explore current thinking on risk management, child protection and the role that educators play in balancing and managing their learning environment each day. 

Rick Nelson

rick-nelsonRick Nelson is the Manager of Safety and Prevention for the International School Bangkok.  Rick brings extensive experience working internationally with school and experiential education programs.

Rick served as the Athletic and Activity Director for international schools in Poland, Hawaii, Romania and Vietnam.  He also served ten years as the K-12 District wide Youth Development Coordinator for the White Bear Lake School District in Minnesota, USA. 

Rick is a seasoned program leader and instructor and has lead outdoor adventure and cultural immersion trips for students throughout North America, Europe and parts of South America, Asia and Africa. Rick has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, is a Certified Professional Coach and has served as a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician. 

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