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How Catabolic vs. Anabolic Energy effect Leadership & Education by Rick Nelson

Do you feel you are the victim of whatever your school or community throws at you?  Is your typical response anger and frustration? As a school leader, do you find yourself constantly judging or feeling you are being judged?  Do you see each day as an opportunity for positive things to happen? This workshop explores these questions by comparing two broad areas that impact your day and your leadership style – Catabolic Energy versus Anabolic Energy.

The difference between the two is dramatic, with catabolic energy breaking us down and anabolic energy building us up.  Both forms impact our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors/actions.  If our thoughts, emotions and actions stay within the catabolic level of energy, it leads to unhealthy actions and negative results. On the other hand, a person or organization that resonates at the anabolic level builds and maintains a healthy state of being as a leader and as an organization. 

What difference does this make for the school leader or educator?  What difference does this make to our colleagues, students and community?  This workshop will explore the significance and fulfilling results of leading and living from the anabolic level. 

Rick Nelson

rick-nelsonRick Nelson is the Manager of Safety and Prevention for the International School Bangkok.  Rick brings extensive experience working internationally with school and experiential education programs.

Rick served as the Athletic and Activity Director for international schools in Poland, Hawaii, Romania and Vietnam.  He also served ten years as the K-12 District wide Youth Development Coordinator for the White Bear Lake School District in Minnesota, USA. 

Rick is a seasoned program leader and instructor and has lead outdoor adventure and cultural immersion trips for students throughout North America, Europe and parts of South America, Asia and Africa. Rick has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, is a Certified Professional Coach and has served as a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician. 

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