Friday, 31 October 2014 08:36

Learning InnovatEd Pre-Conference facilitated by Joseph Barder

In line with CEESA mission and vision, this pre-conference institute will focus on collaboration and innovation in learning that is occurring across the region. For one day, the most innovative, enthusiastic change agents from around CEESA will come together to share projects and initiatives in their schools, as well as develop relevant, regional learning initiatives on which they can collaborate, facilitated by the latest educational technology.

This particular pre-conference will be run along the same type of format as an UnConference, meaning that all participants are expected to contribute as much as they are expected listen.

There are no “typical” unconferences, as the agenda is set by the participants at the beginning, and everyone in attendance is expected to have a certain level of expertise in the field (in this case: international education and innovative learning).

As such, we are seeking those educators that are willing to make mistakes, try new methods, but above all, share their failures and successes with their peers.

Currently, we are not canvassing the general teacher population of each school, but asking that building administrators, tech coaches/integrationists, curriculum coordinators, and tech directors approach those individuals - within their school - that exhibit the sort of growth mindset that will thrive at this type of conference and make it a success.

The presenters will need to ensure that they have the following ready for their workshop:

  • 1-2 minute “elevator speech” on their topic
  • 20 minute presentation/discussion/interactive piece for the openspace sharing
  • 60-90 minute hands-on workshop

They should keep in mind that the longer workshop will most likely be a collaboration with another teacher in the same field or style of innovation, and possibly be presented at the main conference. The “top” workshops (i.e. voted upon by the attendees of the pre-conference) will be selected for sharing during the main conference in any of the formats above, and CEESA may select them for future one-day webinars and workshops throughout the year.

Thank you for your help in making this a truly novel and inspiring conference!

Joe Barder

joe-barderJoseph Barder is the current ICT Coordinator at the International School of Helsinki where he is engaged in both the technical and educational sides of implementing technology in a variety ways at school.

While he is considered “the tech guy” by many at the school, he maintains that he is as much a fan of whiteboards, scissors and construction paper as he is about laptops and tablets in the classroom, and that educational innovation truly comes from the way we use the technology we have available to us. He enjoys cheering on Seattle sports teams and the University of Michigan and any vacation where he can “unplug” and surf (waves, not the internet).

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