Thursday, 16 October 2014 12:47

An Aspiring Leader’s Educational Toolkit: Getting and Keeping that First Senior Management Position by the Global Women's Leadership Assembly

A CEESA pre-conference day to focus on empowering women to seek and retain senior management posts in international schools.

Shared leadership by five current CEESA Directors namely Mamie Heard (IS Krakow), Kathleen Naglee (IS Estonia), Mary Russman (IS Latvia), Ellen Stern (AIS Zagreb) and Jane Thompson (Istanbul ICS).


09.00-12.00  Morning Sessions starting with Introductions
* Followed by other sessions chosen by participants. 
12.00-13.00 Networking Lunch (Lunch cost included in registration.)
13.00-17.00 ** Afternoon Sessions

* Choices to Consider:

  • "Why Should I Become a CEO--What's In It For Me?”
  • “Cracking Open the Door--Resumes and Interviews”
  • “Taking the Mystery Out of School Budgeting and Finance—It’s Only Arithmetic, Ladies!”
  • “Assessing the Match between Candidate/Head and Board”
  • “I Like Being a Principal/Coordinator/Teacher. . . Why Leave My Comfort Zone?”
  • “Avoiding Minefields and Quicksand”
  • ”Negotiating Your Salary and Benefits”
  • “Hot Topics”
  • CV Clinic
  • How Else Can We Help? Other Topics.

** Afternoon Sessions:

We will come prepared to present on any/all of these topics—the more of these sessions we do, the more we find that the wishes, needs, hopes and dreams of the participants will vary.  Rather than imposing our schedule on the participants, we’ll listen to you at the beginning and design the day to make the best use of everyone’s time.  Flexibility is an important skill for any educational leader to possess and we’ll do our best to be flexible to maximize the value of the day.

Additional Info

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