Registration for Pre-Conference participants / 7:30-8:30 AM / First floor / Conference floor

Before starting your Pre-Conference session, you need to register at the CEESA desk on the first floor. You will get your badge, conference bag and a small gift. Badges should be worn all the time during the conference. And.. don’t forget to bring your badge to the CEESA Gala Celebration on Saturday night.

NIAAA LTC Courses (Morning Sessions) / 8:00 – 12:00 noon / Paris and Madrid

Pre-Conference Session “The Mission Driven School: Realizing the mission, in the day to day life of your school. A hands-on pre-conference day at the IS of Prague”
08:30 AM-4:00 PM / 8:00 AM - Meet in hotel lobby to get on the bus to the International School of Prague

Pre-Conference Session “The Mission Driven School: Realizing the mission, in the day to day life of your school. A hands-on pre-conference day at the IS of Prague, by Arnie Bieber, Director of the International School of Prague since 2008, has been an international educator for over twenty years

Strand: Mission-driven learning, Grade level: All, Subject area: All

Room: At the International School of Prague. Transfer by bus from hotel to school; meeting point in the lobby at 08:00

(This Pre-Conference session takes place at the International School of Prague. Meeting point is the hotel lobby at 8 AM. A bus will transfer you to the school. In the afternoon, at the end of the session the bus will bring you back to the hotel.)

This day of collaborative learning for educational leaders (heads, principals, curriculum, technology and teacher leaders) will have two distinct, interconnected parts. Through practical group work and sharing, the morning session will focus on harnessing the power of your school’s mission. Participants will be asked to bring their school mission documents to the session and will work together in groups, focusing on the practical implications and potential power of the school mission in your school.

Morning session:

Realizing the Mission

Understanding the power of the school mission and how it can be leveraged to significantly impact your school.

Guiding Questions:

  • What are the components of a compelling school mission?
  • Does my school’s mission statement match how the school actually functions? Are we “walking the talk?”
  • Based on my school’s purpose and needs, should the mission be revised?
  • Systems Thinking: How does an organization align itself to the mission and vision for the future?
  • How can a school truly align itself with its mission?

Afternoon Session:

Engaging With The Mission

Putting the mission into practice. Pre-conference participants had to sign up for one of the following four strands.

  • Integrating technology
  • Theory and practice of leveraging technology for learning
  • Project based learning: ISP Curator Project
  • Experiencing a project based unit with artifacts from the Lobkowicz Palace museum
  • Implementing standards-based assessment and reporting
  • Effective implementation of mission-aligned standards-based reporting in middle and high school
  • Practical strategies for building a culture of thinking and inquiry
  • Using an inquiry framework in K - 5, Visible Thinking strategies, documentation and other techniques

Pre-Conference Session “Teaching for Transformation: Instructional Strategies that Move Theory into Practice” / 09:00 AM- 04:00 PM / Room Prague A

Pre-Conference Session “Teaching for Transformation: Instructional Strategies that Move Theory into Practice”

Fran Prolman, is an independent consultant in Great Falls, VA, a Senior Consultant with Research for Better Teaching, and Vice President for Training for the Center for Arts in Basic Curriculum.

Strand: Innovative Learning Grade level: All, Subject area: All

This practical, kinesthetic, research-based institute offers dozens of instructional strategies to expand your teaching with a new level of intentionality. This institute will raise your consciousness, validate your current skill set, and expand your repertoire for immediate application in your classroom.

This institute answers the following essential understandings:

  • How do my beliefs about my role as a teacher and my students’ role as learner guide the decisions that I make in my classroom?
  • What instructional strategies am I consciously choosing to expand rigor, higher level thinking, visible thinking and student reflection?
  • How do I build a pro-active management system based on student efficacy and goal setting?
  • How do I motivate students through relationship and team building, classroom climate structures and high expectations?
  • In what ways do I foster a culturally proficient classroom??
  • How do I use the backward design process of curriculum planning, assessment and learning experiences to intentionally address all of the above?

This institute is grounded philosophically by an even bigger essential question; “How do I ensure that my classroom instruction is consciously skillful on a daily basis?”

CEESA/ECIS Literacy Coaching Cohort #5 / 09:00 AM-04:00 PM / Room Budapest

CEESA/ECIS Literacy Coach Cohort #5”, by Carrie Ekey and Shannon Stanton. This is a closed session.

Lunch in restaurant Loreta I / 12:00 noon – 01:00 PM

Lunch will be served in restaurant Loreta which is located on the same floor as the conference rooms.

NIAAA LTC Courses (Afternoon Sessions) / 1:00 – 5:00 PM/ Paris and Madrid

Set up exhibition area / as from 2:00 PM / Belvedere Foyer and Belvedere I-II-III-IV

Exhibitors have the possibility to set up their exhibition table. Your table will have a sign with the name of your company. In the evening this area will be closed.

Pre-registration Conference / 5:00 – 7:00 PM / Hotel lobby

Registration for all conference participants and exhibitors. Get your badge, your conference bag and a nice gift at the CEESA registration desk. Only on Thursday afternoon this desk is set up in the hotel lobby. As from Friday morning the CEESA desk can be found in the exhibition area.

(For those arriving after 7 PM on Thursday night, there is also a registration scheduled on Friday morning before the opening of the conference, from 7:30 – 8:00 AM, at the CEESA desk in the exhibition area.

VIP Dinner hosted by Arnie Bieber /On Invitation Only / 6:00 PM / Meet in hotel lobby
This dinner is organized at restaurant “Auberge de Provence”. Meeting point is in the hotel lobby at 6:00 pm. Transfer to the restaurant is by bus.

Ehibitors Dinner organized by Doug Wong of ADC Blackfire / 7:00 PM / Restaurant Kulatak
This social event for exhibitors only, to break the ice! It will be held after table set-up, just a hop (walking distance) from the Diplomat Hotel.


  • Where: Restaurant Kulatak, Vítězné náměstí 820 / 12, Praha 6, tel.: +420 773 973 037
  • When: Thursday, March 14th at 7 pm
  • Dress code: Smart casual
  • Cost: Pay for your own bill

Please R.S.V.P.: Douglas Wong, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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