CEESA sponsors a wide variety of activities. Student activities include a Cultural Arts Festival, celebrations and sports of all kinds, and more. CEESA supports the teachers of its member schools with Teachers' Job-Alikes (JALs), and all kinds of resources. In addition there is the Annual Conference, bringing together 250 teachers for professional growth and social interaction. CEESA organizes several meetings in the year for school administrators for collaboration, planning and conversation.

On this site, you'll find links to the other regions, as well as to member schools, to regional activities and information, and to U.S. Government and State Department sites. Check our calendar for upcoming events and our Photo Gallery for images from recent events; if you are hosting an event, or planning to, read the detailed CEESA Activities Handbook. Find the latest information about what's new with CEESA in the on-line version of our newsletter. We have also included information and documents for organizations wishing to learn about CEESA membership.

CEESA Schools: