Join us and learn about "Head Problems," an effective and highly interactive method for beginning a math class.

karim letwinsky

Karim Medico Letwinsky is the Department Chairperson and an Assistant Professor in the Doctoral Department of Educational Leadership at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania.

ben knight

Ben Knight is currently a Grade 5 teacher at AIS Vilnius.

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jenni thompson

Jenni Thompson is a School Support and Evaluation Officer with CIS.

Follett provides educationally relevant content, integrated educational technology solutions, and value-added services to over 65,000 PreK-12 schools and districts in the United States and around the world. We focus on earning our customers' trust every day and helping you impact over 35,000,000 PreK-12 students every year.

Capstone is a trusted publisher of children's media, including books, digital products, solutions and services, literacy programs, and K-12 professional development resources.

We create content in a variety of print and digital formats for school libraries, classrooms, and at-home reading. Capstone ignites curiosity and imagination through the power of inspiring learning experiences.

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