Monday, 14 March 2016 10:34

Julia Fogelin


Julia Fogelin is a passionate educator who believes that every child and adult has a right to a good education and should be nurtured and given the tools to reach their full potential.

Julia has amassed over 28 years of classroom teaching and professional development experience with schools and universities in Europe and the Middle East. Beginning her teaching career in Cyprus and Malta, Julia has also served as Director of Studies providing teacher training in Saudi Arabia, Sweden and the UK.

Ms. Fogelin has also worked with several educational content and technology companies, implementing digital training, consultancy and developing educational content. Julia has also created content for interactive whiteboards and has extensive knowledge in the digital arena. She believes that technology is an enabler, not the solution and that by working hand in hand with quality content, technology has the power to enhance the learning experience.

In her current role, Julia focuses on providing guidance to schools and teachers on content choices, how to integrate into their curriculum, product implementation and delivering professional development. Julia also supports leaders and teachers as they interact with quality learning resources and digital technologies to support powerful learning. Her experience in both developing and implementing digital strategies further arms her to successfully provide extensive professional development in this area.

Julia is an experienced presenter and speaker at various events and conferences worldwide. We put learning first, and Julia is keen to support this through our best-in-class educational solutions, as we make lifelong learning more dynamic, engaging and effective.