Tuesday, 01 March 2016 08:43

Chandra McGowan


Chandra Michael McGowan is a doctoral candidate in international education at George Mason University. 

She has had over ten years of classroom experience teaching elementary school, middle and high school mathematics, and teacher education programs at the university level. Through her work she has provided differentiated instruction for special education, gifted/talented, and English as an Additional Language students in public and private school systems. 

She currently is the Mathematics Subject Area Leader and teaches IB MYP Mathematics at at the International School of Helsinki. 

This March, Chandra will be defending her dissertation about IB teachers’ belief on international mindedness. Her research and work focuses on how teachers’ beliefs and understandings impact their classroom practice through qualitative research. Chandra has severed as a mentor coach for IB teachers across the entire continuum.  

Chandra is passionate about collaborating with educators from all over the world to develop internationally minded curriculum.