Monday, 15 February 2016 09:11

Ian Penrose


Ian Penrose has been teaching for 23 years.

Ian Penrose has been teaching for 23 years.  He has taught in rural public and private schools in Australia as well as internationally. 

In addition to all grades K-6, Ian has worked as a support teacher (Learning Difficulties) and trained in Reading Recovery.

The bulk of Ian's experience has been in grades K-3 and he was Assistant Principal for 5 years at Ashford Central School in New South Wales. He has an extensive background in music, choir and drama is currently teaching grade 2 at IICS. 

In his spare time, Ian enjoys travelling, reading and spending time with friends, especially his partner, Aral and their cat Charlie. Ian is part of a study group at IICS, investigating the effect of mindfulness on grade 2 students as well as adults. He is looking forward to a professional dialogue with you about mindfulness in your classroom and your life.