Monday, 15 February 2016 08:41

Team Istanbul: Anna Murray, Duane Smith, Greta Hazlett


Anna Murray; Greta Hazlett and Duane Smith are part of the Early Years team at the Istanbul International Community School.

Greta Hazlett has taught in the Early Years at Istanbul International Community School for the past six years whilst acting in the role of Team Leader. Prior to Istanbul she taught in an International School in Singapore. There she also acted as Primary Vice Principal, helping to oversee the school during the IB Authorization process and leading staff in the making the change to Inquiry teaching. Her teaching career began in an Emotional & Behavioral program in the United States where personalized learning was the center of each child’s success. Her recent work in Play Based Learning and Early Years Documentation has allowed her to reflect on the importance of making children’s thinking more visible in order to gain a more personalized image of each child we teach.

Anna Murray began her career teaching in Dubai before moving to Turkey five years ago. Since joining the IICS community and their Early Years team Anna has learned a great deal from and about her Grade 1 students through the lens of play-based learning and documentation.

Duane Smith is currently a teacher and Early Years team leader at Istanbul International Community School.  Duane’s career began as a Preschool teacher in a small country town in Queensland, Australia.  Since then he has performed duties as a teacher in charge of a Preschool centre in Australia and then in England he established a Nursery centre in the East End of London.

In Australia Duane has worked as an Early Years teacher, Deputy Principal, Principal, Curriculum writer and Education consultant in both curriculum implementation and Early Years. Most recently Duane has coached classroom teachers in developing quality teaching and learning programs to support the implementation of reading.

Duane is currently curating and recruiting Early Years teachers internationally to develop a shared understanding of the importance of documentation and collaboration to build both teacher and student capacity to personalise learning.