Wednesday, 16 October 2013 14:03

AAS-Moscow joins The Next Frontier Initiative

The Anglo-American School of Moscow continues to 'unpack' our mission statement as we endeavor to move from words to actions for improving student learning. The key to our mission is the charge to empower all of our learners to achieve individual academic and holistic excellence (AAS Mission Statement).

Our current action step has been to become a member of The Next Frontier Initiative - a group of schools dedicated to the inclusion of all students in our educational settings. This collaborative is interested in finding ways to support international schools in the journey toward the most appropriate ways to be inclusive in their own venues.

NFI – this collaborative community of international schools – has a shared set of beliefs, one of which is the guiding statement for the fledgling work of AAS – Moscow in becoming an inclusive school:

NFI Belief - We are committed to a planned and carefully managed approach to including students who have special needs or may be exceptionally capable.

AAS- Moscow positive action steps on the journey to realizing our mission includes membership in NFI as well as attendance in the annual conference being held in The Hague this November. Our goals in attending are to learn from other schools and colleagues and to bring back a clearer plan of learning and development for our colleagues as we seek to serve all our students more successfully. We are grateful for this international support and shared focus on inclusive schools!