Wednesday, 16 October 2013 13:49

AISZ Grade Three’s Team Building Challenge

On September 26, the AISZ Grade 3 class took their first field trip to Maksimir Park in Zagreb.

The goal was to foster teamwork and community within the class.

The grade class participated in several activities that created opportunities to communicate, encourage the group to trust each other and appreciate each others strengths and help one another as a team.

Activities included the "Trust Tunnel", parachute, a game of strategy called "The Circle of Life", and a team game called "Titanic Challenge". In "Titanic Challenge" students had to work together as a team to develop a plan to use only 3 'lifeboats' to escape from a imaginary sinking ship. At the end of these activities, students were given a chance to reflect on what they learned by writing poetry and their thoughts about teamwork in their writing journals. It was a great success!