Thursday, 13 February 2020 11:54

CEESA High School Speech and Debate tournament at ISP

The International School of Prague welcomes CEESA students from Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest and Bratislava.

Last weekend was a very busy one at the International School of Prague as high school students from different corners of the region flooded the corridors of ISP for the CEESA High School Speech and Debate tournament. Speeches and scripts in hand, eager to win the title of the next speech and debate champion, students from Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague participated in two full days of deliberating, acting and presenting.

This year’s CEESA High School Speech and Debate tournament took place on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of February, with over 50 students matching their skills in five categories: Original Oratory, Impromptu Speaking, Duet Acting, Oral Interpretation and Debate. The resolution contended in this year’s debate was whether violent civil disobedience can be justified and all teams came prepared with strong example-based arguments. Duet Acting on the other hand brought to life various satirical and emotive pieces, whilst Original Oratory tackled a plethora of thought-provoking issues, from social media addiction to fast fashion.

At the end, all teams delivered strong performances and secured a victory in one or more categories. Students from Warsaw placed 1st in Debate, 1st in Duet Acting and 2nd in Impromptu Speaking. Students from Bucharest placed 1st and 3rd in Oral Interpretation, 2nd in Original Oratory, 2nd and joint 3rd in Debate and 3rd in Impromptu Speaking. Students from Bratislava placed 2nd and 3rd in Duet Acting. Students from Budapest placed joint 3rd in Debate. And students from Prague placed 1st in Impromptu Speaking, 1st and 3rd in Original Oratory and 2nd in Oral Interpretation.