Thursday, 24 October 2019 13:07

CAS Provides Balance at PSI

DP PSI Students Initiate Two New Projects.

This year the DP students at PSI have initiated two new projects; one of them is a CAS Media project. Students are planning to use modern instruments to communicate information about CAS projects and events.

One more group launched the Inclusive Education project; team members will support Orphanage #9 in Kiev in a variety of areas. This project will require the development of multiple skills.

There will be activities for kids with severe hearing problems. It also will include exploring orphans’ needs for equipping a classroom for kids with Down’s Syndrome. Students will face many challenging situations in this project, and a balance between students’ decisions and the CAS supervisor’s thoughtful contribution is very important. The same can be said about all CAS projects.

CAS is at the heart of the Diploma Programme here at PSI and opens opportunities to enjoy a range of activities involving physical, creative and service experiences and, as a result, helps to develop a balanced, well-educated person.

By James Spencer and Tatiana Isakova (CAS Coordinator)