Tuesday, 17 September 2019 12:11

Third Grade Students Explore Plants!

The third grade students at AISZ spent an entire week celebrating "plant week" by studying plants.

Over the week, students were able to dissect seeds, go on scavenger hunts in nature to observe the different stages of the plant life cycle, investigate the differences between plants, learn the different parts of plants (and eat the parts), and much more.

The students also did their own inquiry into questions that they had about plants and created their own project, ranging from a fiction book about the cactus life cycle to a song about why we need plants, to show their learning.

During our writing time, students practiced their persuasive writing by writing to our school about why we need a garden and more plants in our school.

They were then able to create a small potted food garden and planted seeds and created observational charts to watch them grow. At the end of the week, students were able to go to Bundek park to do observational drawings of plants in their art class. They then labeled the parts of the plants and explained the importance of each part. It was a great week!