Thursday, 18 April 2019 11:39

Nova Alumni Coffee Hour: where creativity meets technology’

Saturday the 6th of April 2019 marked the first Nova alumni coffee hour organized by Nova and the newly established Nova alumni association.

The event brought together 50 students, 8 Nova alums, and faculty and staff members for a day of lectures and informal sessions on topics in the realm of Creativity and Technology.

The event welcomed back alumni to NOVA’s campus to have a cup of coffee with students and other alumni and talk about their current careers and professions, allowing students and alumni to gain more in-depth knowledge about a field of study or profession they might be interested in.

The speakers for the first Nova alumni coffee hour were: Marko Piskachev (space), Branislav Gerazov (machine learning), Maksim Naumovski (architecture), Davor Karakashev (engineering), Zivko Grozdanovski (writing), Georgi Unkovski (photography), Jelkica Popovski (design) and Allan Castillo (design).