Friday, 18 May 2018 09:38

Mastering French Language Through Drama Locally and Internationally at AisVilnius

AISV Grades 9-12 students who study French had a great opportunity to take part in drama workshops in French lead by a professional coach Ms. Katia Shahoika from Minsk.

She is a French teacher (FLE) and specialist in using drama as a foreign language teaching method who has been working with the project "10 sur 10, pièces francophones à jouer et à lire" in Poland and helping other colleagues and students to integrate drama into teaching and learning process. Our students had their three workshops: one in December, one in February, and the last one in May. During these workshops as well as during French classes students have been working on their play to take part in the festival in Poznan, Poland, on May 25-29th.

The festival is organized by the Drama Association of Poland (Drameducation) with a great opportunity for students and teachers to develop language and drama skills. Activities that will be included in the festival program are as follows: presentation of performances by the participants, meetings with modern francophone authors of the project 10SUR10 (for more information use the link, drama workshops lead by professional francophone coaches, new drama script reading from the project 10SUR10, and round table discussions and debates with the authors of the plays.

Before this international festival, the group will take part in the Theater Festival in Alytus, Lithuania. We will be looking forward to seeing the play at AISV after the group comes back from festivals.