Friday, 16 March 2018 09:47

Exploring Creativity within the How We Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry

Open-ended exploration leads to deeper inquiry into creativity

P3 (five and six year olds) children at the International School of Azerbaijan, have become real artists. During the “How We Express Ourselves” unit, students and teachers inquired into the nature of inspiration, creativity and the creative process.

Experts from the TISA community were found to teach the children about dance, sewing, drumming and guitar.

Children experimented with clay, paint, yarn, recycled materials and explored singing and dancing. For the first time, they were asked to become whatever they wanted to be as an artist.

Leaving this task open-ended for the young learners meant that they encountered   deeper and more engaging experiences into what art is and why people are driven to create.

The culminating art show was a beautiful celebration of our artists’ work that will be remembered for a long time.