Wednesday, 14 February 2018 09:46

Speech and Debate Tournament

TISA's "Talking TITANS" Welcome CEESA Schools to a Speech & Debate Tournament.

During the first week in February 2018, TISA held its 3rd CEESA Speech & Debate Tournament, with the home team the "Talking" TITANS” welcoming competition from sister CEESA schools: Warsaw, Kiev, Prague, St Petersburg and Bucharest. 70 students   competed  in five different events including, Duet - Acting, Debate, Original Oratory, Oral Interpretation and Impromptu.

The Saturday Finals saw students from all schools participate, sharing hilarious Duet-Acting pieces, clever Impromptu responses,  and AS Warsaw   concluded our debate , having the final say about our motion,  “ All peoples should have the right to national sovereignty”. 

Speech & Debate is  all about development, learning, having fun and  making new friends across the continents - whilst gaining confidence in one's ability to give persuasive arguments on a range of political, cultural, and science topics.