Thursday, 02 May 2013 08:04

Spring Events at A.S.W.

At the CEESA Conference held in Prague, this March, ASW was presented with two TIECARE International Community Service Awards.

pic1These were: the Last Chance Project, organized by Mike Avery a 5th grade teacher; and the Living History Project organized by the 8th grade team: Constance McGuire, Yvonne Cross, Jaime Pustis, Caroline Killilia, Joanna Galek, Kirsten Tharalsen and Lance Yuen.

To follow up on one of these projects on April 4th, the 8th grade hosted a Living History Showcase. The students presented an impressive, museum exhibit they had created related to World War 11. The exhibit included artwork, videos, models, posters and other artifacts. The students showed themselves to be very well-informed on the topics they had studied.

pic2Another impressive project, is that undertaken by elementary school students. Just as for the last 8 years, they continue fund-raising for the Warsaw Children's Hospice. In order to raise money students from pre-kindergarten to grade 5 have embarked on various projects. Among these are an art sale where students' pictures are framed and sold to parents (pre-K and K), a 'seeds of love' project (gr.3) where students make up and sell packets of seeds, and a book-swap (gr.5) where students bring in books which are then displayed and sold to the community.

In May, a celebration takes place where the hospice representatives receive a check for all the money raised by ASW students. Community service is a meaningful way for faculty, students and the community to bond and work together for a common purpose.