Tuesday, 21 May 2013 12:14

Magic in the School Auditorium

There is something enchanting in the very act of putting on a costume and pretending to be somebody else. The awareness that one is more than his ordinary self, that one has the freedom to be a different creature or person, to live in a different place or exist in a different time is the greatest virtue that makes drama not just art or entertainment, but rather a wondrous border between what is real and what is magical.


Undoubtedly, nobody knows this better than the young 'magicians' from NOVA's Drama Class and their professor, Ms. Dijana Obradovic. After their successful annual Christmas Performance, the talented group of actors have faced yet another challenging project through which they are to express their wicked, strange and gloomy side, but in a way that is both amusing and humorous. The perfect way to achieve this, as they had agreed with their mentor at the beginning of the second semester, is by preparing their own interpretation of the gothic comedy "The Addams Family".

In expectation of their second performance, NOVA's own 'Addams Family', along with the villains in quest of their wealth, they performed a march through the most striking scenes of the project during Advisory class on Monday, April 22, showcasing what they have devotedly been working on for nearly four months.

From long black dresses, wigs, tuxedos, pale faces, to seductive 'femmes fatales', strict German doctors, campers and instructors— the school auditorium became a colourful stage bursting with energy and echoing with laughter. The very fact that the audience was consisted of people that surround them every day, created a pleasant atmosphere and even further motivated the Drama Class members to put full effort into presenting their work in the best way possible. The idea behind this " teaser trailer", as they call it, came from their teacher and they had all gladly accepted it as a perfect way to both entertain and inform the students, faculty and staff about the full-length play. Based on the grand applause in response to their performance and the positive comments coming from the viewers who filled all seats in the auditorium, their aim has been successfully achieved and the mini drama served as an excellent introduction to what should be expected near the end of the school year.

As for the Drama students, all they could say to the amazed audience would be: "THE BEST IS YET TO COME'.

Sofija Paneva, grade 9