Monday, 09 December 2019 09:09

Freqently Asked Questions

We get lots of interesting, and frequently asked, questions. Please send yours in. There seem to be an endless supply of questions about individual photos, group photos, videos, livestreaming, photos taken in school, on trips – it is endless.

We will answer them here.

DECEMBER QUESTION – It is the time of year to take school photos and many of you hire a photographer to take both individual and class photos. Two common questions.

  1. What if a student in the class is not supposed to have their picture taken?  For almost every school, consent to be in the school photos has been obtained. This is an instance where schools have the opportunity to plan in advance. They can make sure that the teacher knows what student in the class cannot have their picture taken so that student does not appear in the class picture. In that way, the issue is avoided rather than needing to be managed after the fact.
  2. For managing individual photos, what if the photographer only has the capability to provide only a single log in for the whole school? With that arrangement, all the parents could see all the individual student photos. To address this, the school could not allow the parents to see the photos in advance. While this strategy might not be well received by all the parents, it is a common practice in some countries. A second answer might be to ask the photographer to develop logins for individual parents.