Personalized Learning is not an off-the-shelf product or a plug-and-play program. 

What do you point to when asked, “That’s a great Mission . . . how’s that going?”

The exploration of frameworks for classroom practice.

Greg will lead participants through an interactive process of re-envisioning. This session will follow the many of the process outlined in the book, Leading Modern Learning:  A Blueprint for Vision-Driven Schools (Greg Curtis and Jay McTighe: Solution Tree, 2015).

This keynote will focus first on the “whys” of Personalized Learning, move through the “whats” and outline the essential “hows” to achieve the shifts required to make this approach achievable and essential for our students.


Greg Curtis is an author and independent education consultant. He is currently based in Beijing and has spent much of his career working with international schools around the world in all-school capacities.