Drawing upon a comprehensive body of current research, this workshop explores the unique educational needs of multicultural, transitory International School students.

This workshop will present visual art as an educating voice on contemporary global issues such as consumerism, political situations, human rights issues, etc.

This workshop will demonstrate activities and projects initiated in elementary, middle and high school level world language classes of an international school.

An interactive workshop presenting a GR4 project focused on the GCP value of WORKING FOR PEACE: The painting of Guernica and the monument of Peace in Bulgaria. There will be a main introductory session, 3 interactive parts - Video; Website and Art installation, presenting the project by Grade 4 students at the Anglo-American School of Sofia. Mariangela and Joseph will be present at Dubrovnik while Lin, Ralitsa and the four students will present from AAS-Sofia Bulgaria via a Skype video conference.

Workshop participants will explore current research on Mindfulness in the classroom, and actively learn practical exercises through gentle stretching, meditation, and breathing.

This workshop will present a case study of a one-quarter middle school elective course that aims to achieve the student learning goals of the IGCA, while also training students to run their own service-oriented student council.

Explore how music and storytelling can be used to promote literacy, global awareness, understanding, and empathy. Learn how to engage in collaborative, songwriting and storytelling projects that enable students and teachers to share their hopes, beliefs, and concerns with their peers around the world. 

The complexities of a globalized world mean that it is more important than ever to make international issues a part of K-12 education.

A real education does not educate a child for today, but prepares a child to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

This presentation will discuss how two educators in the International School of Helsinki approach the incorporation of global citizenship in the Mathematics, English, and Advisory classrooms.