Wednesday, 18 February 2015 11:40

It's a Material World: Better Living through Chemistry and Physics, by Veronica Riffle and Cisco Walker, both Upper School Science Teacher at the International School of Prague

If you are struggling with pre-IB students getting a solid foundation in the Group 4 sciences prior to the DP program, we may have a solution for you. This workshop describes a course we developed that integrates the fields of chemistry and physics through the study of Materials Science. Materials science, and its development through engineering and technology, is the study of solid matter whether inorganic or organic. The formation, structure, and properties of materials is investigated on multiple scales from atomic to macroscopic. We’ll explain to you how we develop the physical and chemical properties of matter and the forces and interactions that change matter to various forms that we use in our everyday materials. The classroom approach is like a hands-on Workshop provides investigations in units of Matter & Mechanics, Polymers & Forces, Crystals & Light, Ceramics & Thermodynamics and Metals & Conductivity. Practical applications and sample activities will be available. 

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  • Room: 1