Wednesday, 18 February 2015 11:39

The What, Why and How of Inclusion Activities, by Sherri Spelic, Leadership Coach and PE Specialist at the American International School Vienna

Inclusion activities are strategies which facilitate individuals’ transitions from wherever they were previously – mentally, emotionally, physically - to a new group space in which their full participation is desired and called for. Typically performed at the opening of a meeting or class, inclusion activities help to set norms, focus attention, generate energy and reinforce the individual’s understanding of who he or she is in relation to the given group. (Adaptive Schools Sourcebook, Garmston and Wellman, 2009).

This one hour workshop will invite participants to engage in a number of inclusion activities while we explore the need for and effectiveness of these strategies in creating an atmosphere of safe, collaborative and successful group work.  Participants can expect a high degree of interaction and multiple opportunities to reflect on ways to incorporate these strategies into their professional practice. 

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