jerry-newberryJerald L. Newberry, M.Ed.

Mr. Newberry is currently the Executive Director of the National Education Association¹s Health Information Network, the health division of the 3.2 million- member National Education Association. He has raised more than $30 million used to develop materials and training, addressing a wide spectrum of school- related health issues, including: HIV/AIDS prevention; teen pregnancy prevention; sexually transmitted disease/infection prevention; indoor air quality; school/gun safety; mental health/wellness; and physical activity and nutrition.

Mr. Newberry co-authored NEA Health Infrmation Network¹s Can We Talk?/Conversamos?, a parent education program that promotes in- depth conversations between parents qnd their children about healthy decision making. He also created NEA¹s Safe Schools Now" video series. The 9th video, "Mind over Media", was co-produced with Court TV and was designed to teach elementary, middle school and high school students to analyze violent messages in the media, reached more than 23 million viewers.

Earlier, Mr. Newberry directed the Sex Education Program for Fairfax County Schools. He developed the Fairfax County Family Life Education curricula for grades K-12, and insured the program¹s compliance with Virginia Department of Education standards. During his six-year tenure, Fairfax County teen pregnancy rates dropped 25%. Mr. Newberry had spent his career in public education, teaching at all levels from Head Start through college. Even earlier, he established the first middle school learning disabilities program in Fairfax County Virginia Public Schools, and was in charge of transforming twenty-three Fairfax County junior high schools into middle schools focused on interdisciplinary team teaching. Mr. Newberry is a recognized national expert on school safety and other school health issues.

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