Bringing Khan Academy to your school (2-hour session: presentation, Q&A, and hands-on engagement with the site)

** Note: the first hour of this session will be the same as the 1-hour Creating personalized classrooms session; people who attend the 1-hour session may want to skip the first hour of this session and just come for the hands-on portion. Bring a laptop or tablet with wifi**

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization with a mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. features more than 3,500 videos on a range of educational topics (including math, science, economics, medicine, engineering, and art history), interactive math exercises with step-by-step hints, and real-time reports that help teachers keep a pulse on each student's needs.

Over the past few years, Khan Academy has worked closely with a group of schools to determine how the site can be used effectively in the classroom; there are now more than 20,000 classrooms using the site and about six million unique users per month.

For the first hour of this session, find out more about the resources available for students and teachers on Khan Academy, and learn about some specific examples of schools that have used Khan Academy to create more personalized learning environments.

In the second hour, check out the site for yourself and engage with guided worksheets to begin planning how you could bring Khan Academy to your school.

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