Polarity Management: Using Conflict as a Resource

The Polarity Management framework and the underlying principles provide a practical set of resources for dealing with all polarities in life. Polarities are ongoing, chronic issues which are both unavoidable and unsolvable. Attempting to address them through customary problem-solving only makes things worse. These situations are not problems to solve; they are polarities which require effective management. Leaders, departments, teams, and organizations become more effective as they learn to distinguish between the two and deal productively with both. Through this work, they can consciously use diversity and divergent thinking as resources for developing high performing cultures that promote community and productivity.

Polarity Management increases in value as an issue or a system increases in terms of:

  • Complexity – by permitting a view of both the forest and the trees;
  • Change – by converting resistance to change into a resource for stability and change;
  • Conflict – by developing "Both/And" thinking, creating "Win/Win" outcomes;
  • Diversity – by respecting, utilizing, and celebrating differences.


  • Understanding Polarity Management™
  • Exploring applications in educational settings
  • Practicing identifying and mapping polarities
  • Exploring using Polarity Management principles and tools to help mediate self and others toward balance and "getting unstuck"

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