Wednesday, 26 November 2014 13:01

American School of Warsaw hosts MS Robotics Tournament

CEESA MS Robotics students are the engineers and computer programmers of tomorrow as they become more sophisticated in building and programing their robots.

It was a pleasure to see 94 MS Students working feverishly on fine-tuning the mechanics and testing the programing on their robot.  In the two day competition held at the American School of Warsaw each team had only 6-12 minutes of actual competition time yet they worked tirelessly to perfect their robots to achieve certain missions, shoot a ball into a goal, extract the correct colored marker, lift a loop up and away from robotic jaws and reverse engineer a model created by the opposition.

Six trophies were awarded for the following areas:

  1. CHAMPION’S AWARD -robot performance, mechanical design, programming and teamwork
  2. JUDGE’S AWARD –effort, sportsmanship, inspiration, graciousness, and stamina
  3. ROBOT PERFORMANCE AWARD – Winner of the elimination tournament
  4. MECHANICAL DESIGN AWARD -Evaluation will occur through interviews with teams, inspection of robot and observation of performance.
  5. PROGRAMMING AWARD – Evaluation will occur through interviews with teams, inspection of programs and observation of performance.
  6. TEAMWORK AWARD – Evaluation will occur through observation of teams in all aspects of the competition, especially the practice sessions.

Congratulations to all students and to the following teams:

  • Mechanics Award - Vienna B Omega Swagbots 2.0
  • Programming - Bucharest B - Black Vamps
  • Judges Award - Tirana B - TigerBots Robolution
  • Teamwork - Vienna A - RoboSamurai‘s
  • Champions - Sofia - AAS Sofia
  • Robot Award - Bucharest - Black Vamps