Wednesday, 11 June 2014 14:42

ACTION at the International School of Belgrade

Helping and applying learning to real-world problems.

We take great pride, here at the International School of Belgrade, in the knowledge that our students are inspired and empowered to take action, and to apply their learning to real-world problems, such as the current floods in Serbia.

At first, Grade 4 student-initiated action was a response to learning about the plight of refugees, especially refugee children, during their current ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’ unit of inquiry. They initiated and organized a whole school ‘Clothing and Footwear Drive’ before the extent of the flood damage was known, even before it became an entire ISB Community effort to aid Serbia's flood-affected victims. Grade 4 students had immediately reached out to help others, wanting to make a difference, as “our little can mean so much to someone who has nothing!” When all learned of the dire situation when Serbia was hit with catastrophic floods, the worst in 120 years; Grade 4’s Clothing and Footwear Drive evolved into a full-scale whole-school Flood Relief, of all types of donations: blankets, bedding, clothes, footwear, food, water, medication, and other necessities, including financial assistance, to help all those affected by the flood.

Grade 4 and other ISB students collected, sorted, and accompanied the delivery of all the donations to the flood victims. They also initiated and organized fundraising projects, such as bake sales to raise money for those affected by the flood.  In addition, students wrote letters of hope, and during Serbia's 3-day mourning period,  participated in a minute of silence, in memory of all those who had lost their lives.

One of the most powerful phrases in the mission statement of ISB is that we empower students to contribute as globally aware citizens. We are proud of the actions our students have taken, in order to help the flood victims in Serbia, and that, at ISB, we are raising children who are empathetic and caring, who truly want to make this a better world, by giving from the heart.

At ISB, the spirit of helping others is not exclusive to the students; it is heart-warming to see our entire ISB community reaching out to the local community, and seeing the massive support to alleviate the suffering caused by these devastating floods!  As an ISB educator, I know that the International School of Belgrade truly is a caring community that is always willing to take action, and lend a helping hand, especially to alleviate the misery of those who need it the most!