Tuesday, 20 February 2018 12:46

TISA hosts Olympic Swimmers

Baku sharks host Olympic swimmers for an array of swim clinics.

Students from the TISA TITANS swim team and the TISA Baku Sharks recently took part in an amazing array of swim clinics hosted by 2 Olympics swimmers, Sebastiaan Verschuren and Joost Reijns.

The weekend began with Joost and Sebastian coming into school and holding an assembly for Primary and Secondary students focusing on goals in life, reflecting on successes and setbacks and how to move forward and continue to strive for success.

All swimmers were then involved with freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly clinics. Some students took part in a starts and turns clinic and the TISA TITANS swim team finished off with a competitive mindset clinic. This supported the TISA swimmers in preparation for their upcoming CEESA swim meet in Warsaw.

The weekend culminated in a demonstration session where parents were invited to watch what the students have learnt over the weekend. The two Olympians with their passion for the sport inspired and enthused all the TISA TITANS and TISA Baku Sharks swimmers to swim faster and reach for their goals.

Marieke Scholten