Friday, 01 December 2017 10:33

Sansevieria Laurenti for the Teachers at the American School of Warsaw

The ASW students replant and distribute plants to the classrooms.

On November 24, the members of Go Green club at the American School of Warsaw provided more than 30 teachers with newly replanted sansevierias.

Their project started with research about the plants in school. Students were looking around in their teachers’ classrooms, and they found five different types of sansevierias many of which needed immediate replanting.

Sansevieria is known under a myriad of names - snake plant, mother’s-in-law tongue, or tiger’s tail. The popularity of this evergreen perennial was boosted by a study completed in the NASA laboratories in the late 80s. Mother-in-law’s tongue came third in a competition of 24-hour formaldehyde removal from a small sealed experimental chamber. Other two substances that pose a significant danger to human health taken into consideration during that famous study were trichloroethylene and benzene. Sansevieria absorbed all three substances.

The Go Green club members hope their teachers enjoy clean air in their classrooms.