Tuesday, 23 May 2017 11:58

The 6th Lithuania Wide Multilingual Tournament "I Speak, You Speak – We Communicate" 2017

Hosted by AISVilnius brought more than twenty different languages into one place.

On Saturday, April 29th, AISV hosted the 6th Lithuania wide Multilingual Tournament "I Speak, You Speak - We Communicate". Eighteen teams from more than ten towns of Lithuania came to AISV to speak and use more than twenty languages by performing in five different assignments including impromptu speaking, cultural kahoot, designing a mobile application, retelling jokes in three different languages in a chain, blog writing, and a homework task which is a 1-min presentation in any format by using a language which is not a language of competition.

The participants were Grades 9-12 students who formed teams of three students each of them able to communicate in no less than two non-native languages. During the tournament we heard a number of languages including English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, Korean, Spanish, Swedish, Esperanto, Native Indian, Belorussian, Yiddish, Japanese, Tatar, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese and others!

AISV had two teams to compete. Students used German, French, Russian, and Turkish languages which were their third or fourth languages to perform creative assignments. They were not able to use English as the language of instruction at AISV is English. The teams came to be 5th and 8th out of 18 teams total. We are very proud of our students.

For the 6th year AISV has been working with the Ministry of Education and Science, Goethe Institute, French Institute, British Council, Lithuanian Non-Formal Student Education Center, and DXT Technology company to design assignments and develop the program for this unique event.

In addition, DXT Technologies delivered ALIGE training to teachers and BALL POINT GAME to students as well as provided an opportunity for the participants to experience VIRTUAL REALITY GLASSES. 

It is one of the events AISV hosts which makes the participants, evaluators, moderators and partners to enjoy all the activities, gain new experiences and bring warm and good emotions!