Tuesday, 25 October 2016 08:17

American School of Warsaw celebrates the United Nations Day

The UN Day at the American School of Warsaw brings a true celebration of multicultural diversity and the community spirit.

On Thursday, October 20, members of the American School of Warsaw community joined together to celebrate the annual United Nations Day. Students organized flag parades and assemblies in honor of the community’s multicultural diversity, while recognizing and appreciating each member’s national identity.

Performers from Poland, China, Russia and Spain stole our hearts with a selection of their repertoire highlighting their national heritage. Throughout the day, students visited different country tables, tasting national dishes, playing traditional games and learning about each country from its own citizens. This year’s UN Day celebration reminded us again of our diversity, while providing the opportunity to interact and appreciate one another’s culture.

UN Day at the American School of Warsaw is a true celebration of our internationalism and school community spirit.