Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:31

Google Apps and Collaborative Learning

Lecturer: Carole Henriot. Program Area: Technology / Strand: Digital Learning / Grade Level 5-12.

Carole Henriot, French Teacher MYP/DP at Istanbul International Community School.

In my presentation, I would like to demonstrate through a world language class activity how one can use Google apps in (a language B) classes to encourage students to:

  1. work collaboratively on a common goal
  2. complete peer-evaluations and give feedback
  3. learn from each other and from their mistakes
  4. be challenged to reach their highest potential

Teachers themselves could use Google Apps for:

  1. creating digital templates of assignments
  2. providing instructions and exemplar for students
  3. keeping track of students' progress and participation
  4. giving regular feedback and maintaining communication with students
  5. challenging students to use technology

An overview of the content for my presentation can be seen in the following two videos:

These videos are the final project for a class on Google Apps for Educator's course that I completed in the spring of 2013. (

Additional Info

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