Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:04

Seriously, why do we need to transform our schools?

Lecturer: John D'Arcy. Program Area: All / Strand: Mission Driven Learning / Grade Level: K-12.

John D'Arcy, Director of Student Learning at Istanbul International Community School.

We are being challenged to transform our curriculum, our classrooms, and our schools by every third TED Talk about education. The call to transform classrooms is commonplace amongst our technology leaders. Transformation is the theme of this CEESA conference. Yet, with all the talk about transformation and all the examples of supposedly transformed learning, there is little clarity about what is driving the expectation that we transform our schools. Consequently, the purpose and rationale for transforming education continues to be inconsistent and elusive. Without clarity, we find ourselves busily changing, rather than transforming, what we do without purpose and with no end in sight.

During this session we will unpack the language and expectations around the movement to transformation education. We will identify what transformed education looks like, with examples.


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  • Room: Traversalle