Wednesday, 03 December 2014 15:19

Literacy Coaching Cohort – Final Session by Carrie Ekey and Shannon Stanton (Closed to New Participants)

This session will finalize a two year program which has provided intensive training in processes useful to teacher leaders in supporting school change in literacy instruction. 

During this session, teacher leaders will explore the various roles of a school based literacy coach, investigate the difference between consulting and coaching, and study monthly coaching cycles for grade level teams. They will also engage coaching 1 to 1 with individual colleagues, analyzing data, and planning professional learning experiences. 

An added bonus will be the opportunity to attend selected CEESA 25th Anniversary Conference keynotes and sessions.  

Carrie Ekey

carry-ekeyCarrie Ekey has more than 40 years of experience in education – spanning teaching, curriculum development, literacy coaching and consulting, and professional development.

She is a former elementary classroom teacher, demonstration classroom teacher, staff developer, and curriculum specialist from a large school district in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area.  She has also been a Core Coordinator and Instructor in a Masters program at Regis University, taught for Colorado State University and Metro College of Education, and has served as a consultant for the Colorado Writing Project and the Colorado Critical Friends project for a number of years.

In her “retirement” Ms. Ekey has consulted in a number of international schools in the area of reading and writing assessment and instruction, and presented at numerous conferences.  She also served as a literacy consultant in residence at the International School of Beijing for a year, and the Hong Kong International School for two years.  Recently, Ms. Ekey has facilitated four groups of international teacher leaders- each in a two year study of becoming school based literacy coaches. Carrie is the co-author of two professional books for teachers and two apps for guiding parents in support of their children’s literacy development. What Carrie is most passionate about is supporting the curiosity and learning of children through the professional learning of teachers. 

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