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Successfully Navigating Your Relationships as the Spouse of an Administrator or School Head by Cathy Ottaviano

Spouses of administrators and school heads at international schools are faced with communications and relationships that are often layered and entwined on many levels. They interface with board members, faculty, staff, parents, other administrators as well as their spouse. Helping their children also navigate their own tricky relationships in their schools is also part of the mix. They may or may not be a faculty or staff member themselves adding yet another layer to the mix of relationships!

Come join us for a lively session with three components. First, we will do a short exercise where you will learn more about your own communication/relating styles as well as that of your spouse. Secondly, we will discuss establishing clear boundaries and methods to navigate these turbulent waters more easily, and thirdly, we will share our own experiences, both positive and negative, among all of these relationships. You will leave the workshop with a way forward for better relationships, learn a bit more about yourself and make connections with others facing similar challenges.

Cathy Ottaviano

cathy-ottavianoCathy Ottaviano has lived internationally for 19 years as the spouse of a Head of School, David Ottaviano.

With a BA in psychology and masters in school counseling, she has used her training to help her personally navigate the intense relationships found among spouses of administrators as well as being a school counselor. Her children Kyle and Kate were raised overseas. The Ottaviano family has lived in Serbia, Italy, Japan and Romania.

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