Robert Brindley

Member, Executive Committee


The beginning of the 2014 – 2015 school year Dr. Robert Brindley joined the renowned fifty two years old school, the American International School of Bucharest as School Director.

A graduate of Exeter University, having started his profession in the mining industry as a geophysicist, Dr. Brindley, followed a moment’s inspiration whilst working on a kibbutz in Israel, to make a significant change in his career to become a teacher of Mathematics and Physics. He undertook a postgraduate degree in Education and thence onto many international schools around the world (Italy, Australia, Venezuela, America and Uzbekistan). Over his years as an educator Dr. Brindley has gathered a wide variety of teaching and administrative experiences more notable as Headmaster of Atlanta International School, Director of the Tashkent International School in Uzbekistan, as well as his current position. 

A graduate of an extremely formal, highly structured, classic British education, he respects the education he received, but this curriculum left out the creativity, inspirational and vocational aspects of a more liberal education. Dr. Brindley describes his philosophy as a balance between subject discipline and rigor on the one hand and attending to the creative element of students on the other. He values self-discipline in the classic sense to gain mastery and being motivated and resilient when trying to achieve one’s objectives.

Dr. Brindley’s doctoral thesis focused on the dynamics of change in educational institutions. Shifting cultures of schools has been the focus of his thirty eight year career. How to assess the unintended consequences of decisions made in order to balance control and freedom, coercion and integration, to debate contentious issues in an open forum in order to create a culture of change, safely.


Director, Amer. Int'l School of Bucharest
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